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EMU386 Version 1.34 Beta 1
Copyright © 1997,1998 by Eko Priono

Real mode 386 CPU upgrade emulator for 286s
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EMU386 in Action
Net-Tamer v1.11 Beta for 386 running on a 16 MHz PC/AT 80286 with EMU386 v1.34 Beta 1 installed.  Even correctly detected the processor as a 286, Net-Tamer continue to run, allows this contradictive screen shot to be taken.


EMU386 is a MS-DOS device driver, it will partially upgrade 286s to 386s by mean of software only.  If installed, it will add real mode 386 capabilities to 286s, no additional hardware required.

EMU386 will allows 286 users to run 386 MS-DOS programs that conforms:

  • Didn't check or ignore CPU type.
  • Running in real-mode only.

Some MS-DOS programs written recently are intended to run even on an XT, some of them accidentally had 386 opcodes mixed in. This kind of software will work smoothly on a 286 with EMU386, since it has only few and sparse 386 opcodes.

Programs that highly optimized for 386 will experience noticeable slowdown, that's because EMU386 mimic each 386 opcodes using multiple 286 opcodes.

Current version: 1.34 Beta 1
Minimum O/S: MS-DOS 3.3
Special requirements: PC 80286 (XT or AT)
Distributed as: Shareware, unlimited distribution

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